Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of sirens and evacuation calls; your home has just been issued a flood warning and everyone needs to drop everything and leave! We hope you never experience a natural disaster first hand or the need to evacuate your home, but if you take a second to think about how you would feel in a situation like that, it’s notably one of the most devastating and most powerless feelings any person can have. According to World Vision, Hurricane Harvey affected an estimated 13 million people, destroyed 135,000 homes and took 88 lives. In a time of vulnerability there is a need for shelter, food and water, and today we are going to talk about how vinyl provides those life-saving tools in the face of disaster.

Riding out the Storm:

When disaster strikes, the fog of adrenaline will eventually clear and you will quickly transition into survival mode. Is my family safe? Where are we going to find shelter? Finding shelter can be the biggest obstacle during a flood or a hurricane. When everyone in the community is in a panic and the emergency shelters are filling up, vinyl can offer a number of quick solutions.

  • Victims and Valuables? Protecting your body and belongings is paramount; an immediate solution is vinyl tarps which can help to keep you, your family, and your valuables dry, and protect you from the harsh elements that typically come with disastrous weather. Whether providing protection from wind, rain, debris, water, or any of the elements, you can be confident that vinyl has your back and your valuables.
  • Shelter? NuForm Building Technologies Inc. is known worldwide for their quick assembly vinyl houses. These home building systems can provide you with a viable shelter and can be built in two days. Watch how they’re built here.
    Here you can read about all of the ways Nuform has used this building technology to help communities build sustainable shelters. These transitional vinyl homes are built to withstand and endure natural and man-made disasters. 

Vinyl to the rescue:

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When disaster strikes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will send out a task force of rescue equipment and specialists.

The first shipment holds approximately 16,400 pieces of rescue equipment so that the specialists are able to help in any kind of disaster emergency.

Is anyone hurt?

If so, what about medicine?

Among all these tools and resources, you will find that vinyl is a big player in supporting rescue crews through a crisis. Next to the essentials of food and drinking water, vinyl plays a significant role in the survival process with:

  • The most important supplies that are needed in a crisis are intravenous fluids and blood bags carried by vinyl. In a medical emergency, you are going to need access to fresh blood, and a lot of it. Vinyl is the best material for IV bags because it keeps blood fresh for 44 days, is resistant against high electrical voltage and radiation, and most of all, not harmful to living tissue.
  • According to PVC Med Alliance “Whenever plastics are in direct contact with the patient’s tissue or blood, a high degree of compatibility is essential, Vinyl is characterized by high biocompatibility”, meaning not harmful to human tissue, and in addition, helps to keep blood fresher for longer allowing emergency crews to treat more people in need.
  • Vinyl medical products such as intravenous bags are filled with various medications along with vinyl tubes expressing the fluids to the patient.
  • Vinyl gloves to protect the rescuer and the victim from the spread of disease and infection.
  • Inflatable splints to help stabilize the wounded.
  • There may also be cold weather gear and hazardous material gear made from vinyl to help protect against airborne or waterborne bacteria.

So whether you are a soccer mom living in suburbia, a manager at the local grocery store, or an emergency preparedness professional, never forget that in a time of crisis whether you need shelter or medical supplies, vinyl is your go-to material and will help to save lives!