Last week we spoke about Sustainability in Home Renovation and this week we are following suit and starting a movement; The Sustain-ABILITY Movement. We are going to be focusing on products that provide you with the ability to be more sustainable. 

Use Reusable Bags: Instead of buying plastic bags to pack your groceries in, bring your own reusable grocery bags or bins. One of the best ways to increase your ability to sustain is by opting for vinyl reusable grocery bags. You are helping to reduce amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Support Your Local Farmers: By eating locally, you will not only be helping support your local farmers, but you will also be getting fresher food all year round. Did you know that the clear material you see covering greenhouses is actually a vinyl material? With Canada’s challenging climate, growing fruits and vegetables all year round would be impossible without local green houses. Vinyl is the ideal material for green houses because it’s shielding properties can protect produce from harsh UV rays, but still allow the right amount of light in; as well as it can maintain set temperatures and humidity levels.

Photo Courtesy of Vision Outdoor Products

Become a Local Farmer: If buying your food locally is not enough for you, how about you plant your own garden? Obviously we don’t mean go out any buy your self some farmland, planting your own back yard garden is way more feasible, not to mention a fun way to save money and be more sustainable. When it comes to dressing up your garden there are all kind of vinyl options in fences, trellises and pergolas. (Think handmade wine and your own grape vines) But vinyl doesn’t just stop there; there are also recycled vinyl garden hoses and irrigation systems. Vinyl hoses last decades, and that is the kind of durability you need from such an important tool in your home.

Use Recycled Materials: If you can, try to purchase second hand, or buy things that have been up-cycled. While making upgrades in your home, research the materials and make sure you ask about a recycled or sustainable option. There are also companies like Norwich, which recycle post-consumer vinyl by grinding it down and using it to make new vinyl products, which in our opinion is pretty cool!

Reduce the energy you use in your home: Last week we spoke briefly about energy efficiency and the way vinyl profiles on windows can help by making sure that the energy you use to heat or cool your house, doesn’t go to waste. This is not only a sustainable choice because its helping you save energy AND BIG MONEY, but it is also a sustainable option. Whether its new flooring, a new deck or fence, or a new pool, there are all kinds of recycled options in vinyl products.

No Offence, But You’re Probably Recycling Wrong: Every city has specific by-laws when it comes to recycling and waste pick up. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are very strict rules put in place when it comes to recycling and contamination. If you recycle a glass jar, with a paper label glued to it, that may be considered contaminated, and it would be sent straight to a landfill. Make sure that you are educated and up to date with your city’s recycling systems.

Paperless Society is a Sustainable Society: Change some of your mail-in subscriptions to online ones, purchase a used book or E-book instead of a new one, write your to-do lists on your phone or on the back of your hand and save a bit of paper every day. Making these little changes will be barely noticeable but will make a huge impact on the amount of paper you use.

Sustainability might not always seem like a simple concept, but once you put all of these easy tips into action, you’ll start noticing just how much of a difference you alone can make. Not to mention that when the people around you see that you are making these positive changes, it will spark their interest and pass along the sustain-ABILITY movement. Imagine how much of a difference these tips could make if everyone in your life started using them? Do you have any sustainable living tips that you can share with us? We’re always looking for new awesome ideas to make a sustainable difference. Feel free to share your stories or tips here.